Just Tender

Application Description

JustTender is a web base tender management programme for the control of various tender postings, modification, amendment, and suppliers management. The online system provides information about all aspects of procurement for the state government; including vendor/supplier registration, tender preparation, tender upload, and tender document purchase.  Publicly-available aspects include information relating to tender notices and tender awards.

The application operates under standard rules that Indian states have for procurement, including tendering.  There are also guidelines set by multilateral banks such as the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank who provide best practice standards and codes of conduct for National and International Competitive Bidding (NCB/ICB). The e-tendering system is compliant with World Bank standards on procurement and e-procurement.
Application Drivers/Purpose

Application Objective

The main objective purpose behind introduction of electronic tendering/procurement was to improve the transparency of the tendering process, and to bring the benefits of Internet connectivity: anytime/anywhere access for those connected, and improved efficiency of transparency.  The project was also intended to cut down on the public sector's biggest tender processing costs – advertising, preparing, printing and disseminating tender documents, and then processing bids – both in terms of money and time.

The application was also driven on by pressures from multilateral funding agencies such as the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank, who now tie in transparency to their assessment of funding for governments.  Adopting applications like JustTender has been seen as a lever to help access such external funds.

There can also be domestic political drivers – governments can be susceptible to arguments that failure to make progress on good governance may provide ammunition to opposition political parties. JustTender can be projected as a way of making headway on good governance.

Application Features

This software, written in PHP4 and MySQL, provides a complete Web-based solution for Tender Management.

The system features email address verification; unlimited posting of tenders and modifications using simple to use control panel, Tender can be posted under various categories; automatic categories close; administration module, and more.

  • Supplier Registration or not
  • Email Verification
  • Password Protection
  • Automated Email Notification
  • Advance search in
    • Tender ID
    • Category
    • Opening Date of Tender
    • Closing Date of Tender
  • Report of Total View
  • Report of Total Downloads
  • Upload Files in the format of DOC, PDF, RTF,TXT

The programme includes 3 levels of password security so that you may consider which members of staff have access to sensitive or secure information.

Our Offer to you

We invite you to apply for further information about JustTender and for our representative to visit you to discuss the software in detail, giving you a brief working demonstration.

Indiafin will install the product at you Linux / UNIX Webserver or provide you url like tender.yourwebsite.com, coordinate with NIC, will visit your office and provide traning to staff on its use. Our help desk will be available for free assistance during normal working hours.

After the expiry of the first year, if you wish to continue using the software, we charge a modest support fee which gives a further annual support service. Any amendments to the programme that may arise during your usage period will be incorporated into the software and provided to you free of charge at renewal time. Alterations or amendments which may suit your organisation will be added to the amendment list if found to be required by general usage, any specific changes peculiar to your organisation can be programmed for a fee.

By demonstrating the software to you, we can answer your queries or concerns directly, and ensure that you fully appreciate the complexities that can be handled by our system.

The software is priced economically and belies it's complexity.